The Rocky Slopes

Below the top ridge of the hill there are large rock slabs.

On the rockslabs, in the wet season, there are water pools surrounded by mosses and lichens

In a few places, between the rocks, there are areas of deeper soil where plants like the hopbush flourish and set seed to establish a seeding source for future years:

Here, at the right time of year, sundews show their tiny splendours:

Sometimes they form a carpet of flowers:

This area of the property is the source of water runoff and nutrients that sustain the areas lower down.


When it rains, water runs off the rocks and when the rain is heavy there can be torrents of water cascading from the rocks. In one area the water runoff from a series of rocks has caused a large erosion gully that leads down into the woodland and eventually off the property.

The problem now is to control the erosion and retain the water. Ideally a series of swales could be constructed to divert the water so that it spreads out and slowly seeps through to the lower reaches of the property.