House and Orchard

20 acres of the property are excluded from the Covenant allowing a house to be built and orchards to be established. These works were conducted by earlier owners in about 2000. The Covenant Plan shows the layout of the Protected Land and the Domestic Area.

Plan of the Covenant area, showing the boundaries of the property and the area excluded from the Covenant.

The House

The late Victorian house was transported from St Kilda and securely located in its new setting in the early 2000s. (You can just see the bushfire bunker on the left).


From the verandahs around the house, you can see a remarkable old sugar gum.

You can watch beautiful sunsets and even the occasional moonrise.

The house is off-grid. It has a solar panels feeding into a new, well-equipped 3.2 kWh per day solar power system. There is a back-up generator and an instant gas hot water system run by an efficient electric pump from the large water tank. All these appliances are securely housed.

The Orchards

When established about 15 years ago, the orchards included rows of fruit trees, a vineyard and an olive grove. While these enterprises are in need of renovation they have been productive. In 2017 there was a good yield of grapes and a harvest of an excellent rosé wine.

In the same year the olive grove produced a rich harvest for the owners and for donations to worthy enterprises. The owners and volunteers picked the olives that were then sent away for processing into extra virgin olive oil. The pickled olives go well with the wine.

We have not had a harvest every year. The climate here varies – for more information see here.