Herb-Rich Woodland

As you enter the Brrabugle property you see immediately that you are in a special ecological setting. There are large Eucalyptus trees but they are far apart and between them there is open ground that is covered in a range of plant species. It is in the Spring that the variety of plant species presents in full glory. You could see a patch of bulbine lilies:

Nearby are several stands of chocolate lilies (Arthropodium strictum).

Sundews (Drosera sp) dot the grassy areas.

You could see spur velleia (Velleia paradoxa)

Blue pincushions (Brunonia australis) are common.

In a good year with a wet spring, the range of unexpected plants increases remarkably.

Velvet daisy bushes have now been established:

And a spread of little flowering plants are Creamy Candles (Stackhousia monogyna).

Some of the little plants had not been seen before. This first-time orchid is probably Diuris behrii (Golden Cowslips) and it is listed as a threatened species for our area.

Twining fringe lilies appear among the tree litter:



There are damaged areas in this section caused by past overgrazing of level pastures and eradication of grasses and herbs. These are addressed under the heading Damaged Areas.