Burrabungle is classified as grassy woodland giving protection to old, large Eucalyptus trees amidst a diversity of other species.

Widespread over the property are wonderful stands of yellow box grown to a remarkable size for this species (Eucalyptus melliodora). Along drainage lines there are large old river red gum trees (Eucalyptus camaldulensis).

The flowers are an important resource for bees foraging on the land.


The dominant understory on the hills consists of acacias that provide food and shelter for birds and animals. The large stands of Deane’s wattle provide a harbour for healthy mistletoe growth.


Beneath the trees and in among the rocks a rich variety of smaller shrubs grow and bloom, depending on the season. You could see a patch of bulbine lilies near the front gate and a variety of other plants make a display in a good year.

Nearby are several stands of chocolate lilies (Arthropodium strictum).

Sundews (Drosera sp) dot the grassy areas.

You could see spur velleia (Velleia paradoxa)

Blue pincushions (Brunonia australis) are common.