Under the trees and acros the rocks there is abundant wildlife.

Now and then one sees an echidna waddling along.

You can spot a kangroo with joey.

Photograph by Berto Voigt

Or a group of kangaroos browsing.

Photograph by Berto Voigt

Then there are lots of shy little ceatures that are hard to capture on film


There are birds in abundance.

There is a keen interest in birdwatching among neighbours in the Mount Korong area and a rich diversity of birds is described for the Mount Korong Nature Conservation Reserve.

On Burrabungle Wedged-tailed eagles circle.

Or produce their young in twiggy nests

Photograph from http://www.burrabungle.net/

Near the house is a nest of diamond firetails.

Photograph by Dominic Sherony [CC BY-SA 2.0 – Licence]

Other birds appear when they feel like it

The birds lay eggs in their own nests but also in the new boxes installed in the trees.