Endangered Areas

There are area of the property that were denuded decades ago by overgrazing. The soil structure has been compacted by vehicles driven across these areas, outside of the main tracks giving access to the property. It takes many years for such compaction to be reduced by soil organisms. In some places weeds have been the first invaders.

The main areas that are now still ecologically damaged are to the South and West of the house site. Regeneration is occurring but it is slow. The soil is shallow and poor.

The house site is fenced off and this reduces traffic and gives the soil the chance of natural recovery. On the outer edges of this area there is slow but marked regeneration of small plants like Vittadinia (New Holland Daisy) and low indigenous grasses.

File:Vittadinia cuneata plant1 NT - Flickr - Macleay Grass Man.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

These plants have produced a large amount of seed which can provide a source of regneration for the denuded, compacted areas outside the fence.


How do we eradicate weeds and sustain soil health?

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