Conservation Trust

In December 2016 we registered a company, Burrabungle Pty Ltd, and formed the Burrabungle Conservation Trust. There are three Trustees. Each Trustee holds 4 shares valued at $50,000 each.

The Trust endorses the Trustees commitment of maintaining the ecological value of the property and trustees meet to decide on management issues.

Each trustee is entitled to use the property and has sole use of the allocated bedroom with the guest room also available. The timing of visits is arranged by private agreement between shareholders.

The Trust maintains a small financial balance for emergencies. Periodically Trustees are asked to contribute to the ongoing fixed costs of the property. These include rates of $2,341.95 pa and house and land insurance of $1,128.43 pa.

A full copy of the contract is available to interested parties.

For more information about how a Covenant acts to protect biodiversity, see here.