Burrabungle, Mount Korong

Burrabungle is a 350 acre Trust for Nature property on the slopes of Mount Korong in Western Victoria at 459 Wedderburn-Serpentine Rd, VIC 3518. This property is owned by the Burrabungle Conservation Trust with 12 shares each worth $50,000. At present there are 3 shareholders owning 4 shares each. One shareholder is interested in selling her shares in the Trust giving shared ownership to the property. For the details of the Trust see our page here.

To make contact with us to view the property please email jdaly9515@gmail.com.

The Burrabungle property (350 acres, 141ha) is a triangle that starts at the Wedderburn-Serpentine Road, and adjoins the Mt Korong Nature Conservation Reserve on two of the three boundaries. To find out more, see our directions.

Where the house is, near the entrace to the property, the land is flat with large trees but then the land rises to hills from which we can see the farmland adjoining the conservation area.

As the picture shows, Burrabungle is rich in plantlife but it also has remarkable animals, birds and rocks.

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